New Details On Terms Update

  1. Withdrawal Processing - What is Net 7? - "Net 7" is an accounting term that describes when your withdrawal request will get processed. A Withdrawal request will be paid 7 days after the last business day of the week "Friday". The 7 days in Net 7 Payment terms include weekends and holidays. To put things in perspective, consider a withdrawal request during the month of September. If the payment request was sent in on September 2nd - 9th, payment would be processed by September 16th i.e. 7 days after the end of work week "Friday"
  2. Micro-Workers/influencers who submit fake/unrelated submissions to a Job Poster will be charged a fee of N50 every time this is reported. Workers who continue not submit falsely to jobs and Job Posters may face blacklisting by the Job Poster or a Limit to submitting to all new jobs on site.
  3. If a submission is reported as credited but false, membership will be limited and placed on Hold for a quick review after which the limit will be removed. Customer Support will always be available to assist when necessary needed.
  4. If after completing a job and you feel it being rejected is incorrect. Click on the REPORT button to report the submission to a Job Moderator. This will second review on the submission by a Senior Mod. please submit correctly a valid reason why the submission should be marked complete to aid in the review.
  5. Account Limits can occur when your account has been reported as spamming the community forum or multiple reports of false submissions unrelated to the job. With Limits ranging from 7 - 30 days.
  6. OwoDaily+ Members now get an option to Notify Moderators for a Quicker Job Approval. This is best for Social Media Managers needing under 1-hour start to social media campaigns.
  7. Our Active Channels For Support are:
    - Social Media: @owodailyhq for Twitter & Instagram
    - E-mail: [email protected] - For All Micro-Influencer/Job Network Related Queries
    - E-mail: [email protected] - For Affiliate Network Related Queries i.e. Payment, Sales, Affiliates & General Help
  8. We have added more checkout options for international customers, Affiliates can now promote deals to a larger audience size worldwide.
  9. Our online community "Village" is growing, we will be having new contests to reward active members with regards to your member engagement and support for the users within the network
  10. Listing Your Deal As A Partner: To list a deal on the marketplace, simply visit, sign in and submit the correct detail about yourself as an individual/business and give full details about the available deals you wish to list then submit. Your application will then be reviewed. When approved, Click on Post Deal to submit correctly complete details about the deal. When deal details are completely confirmed, the deal will be listed and available for purchase on the marketplace

For further assistance, please send us an e-mail.

Working with us - Our Goals
For the past 2 years, we have worked to continuously grow and improve the network for all members, We will continue this path to allow independent members who are Affiliates, Micro-workers, Sellers, and Online Marketers on the network to continuously grow their business with the best services available.