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Getting Started With Micro Jobs

We have added new features since the video release :)

What is OwoDaily?
OwoDaily is an influencer affiliate network that allows members to earn money by completing small micro-jobs and promoting affiliate offers. It connects individuals and brands who want to engage people to help spread the word about their campaigns, products or services. Members can earn commissions by finishing digital jobs or promoting available deals to their network through marketing campaigns. OwoDaily helps connect businesses with members interested in earning passive income.
How Do I Get Started?
Membership & OwoDaily+
What Is Available Jobs?
How do I get information/notifications about available jobs?
Does OwoDaily Create Jobs?
Who Post Jobs On OwoDaily?
How Are Jobs Moderated?
What Type Of Micro-Jobs are Acceptable?
What Are The Non-Acceptable Jobs?
WWhat is blacklisting in OwoDaily?
Why is blacklisting used in OwoDaily?
Why is blacklisting being used on the network?
Why causes blacklisting?
What Are The Job Fees?
Are Jobs Posted Daily?
What is Resubmission?
What is a Resubmission Request?
What is cashback?
What's the cashback percentage I can earn?
Can I use cashback across multiple stores?
When will my cashback earnings pay out?
How often do new cashback deals get added?
What is a Wallet?
What Is Custom Amount In Deposit?
What is a Gift Card?
How To Become A Giftcard License Partner?
How Are Withdrawals Processed?
What does OwoDaily do to maintain a safe and trustworthy platform?
What happens if a user engages in unethical behavior on OwoDaily?
What Is Village?
How do I use OwoDaily Village?
What kind of topics are not allowed on the Village?

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