VIP Opportunities "Locked Jobs" - Unlocking Higher Rewards

We're thrilled to introduce you to our latest innovation: Locked Jobs. This groundbreaking update opens the door to even more lucrative opportunities for micro-workers like you. Now, you can earn elevated payouts and enjoy enticing rewards for tasks completed outside the OwoDaily platform.

What Are Locked Jobs?

Locked Jobs allow businesses to post tasks that require completion beyond the boundaries of OwoDaily. These tasks could include in-person services, converting sales, or performing actions on external websites. Once you successfully complete these off-platform tasks, the business will provide you with a confirmation code that you can redeem on OwoDaily to claim your well-deserved payout or reward.

How Does it Work?

With Locked Jobs, businesses can post Jobs that require completion off the OwoDaily platform, such as in-person services, sales conversion or actions on other websites. Once you finish the external job, the business will provide a confirmation code to claim your payout or reward back on OwoDaily. The starting payout for this jobs will be ₦1,000

Locked Job rewards can include boosted commissions, cashback, bonuses and more. It provides a secure way for businesses to reward external actions, while giving you access to more rewarding opportunities.

Get Started Today!

To post Locked Jobs, businesses need an OwoDaily+ plan and to complete verification. As a worker, you simply need to find a Locked Job, complete the external task, then use the code provided to collect your elevated commission or bonus back on OwoDaily.

Give Locked Jobs a try and boost your earnings today! Let us know if you have any other questions