Zikel Cosmetics: A Cheap Nigerian Brand Chinese Products Reselling To Nigerian Women

November 17, 2020

This cosmetics Zikel since leaving Zaron Cosmetics as their former Make up Artist has been known for re-selling cheap chinese brands to young Nigerian ladies who which to get make up products. Zikel retails his cosmetics are cheap prices and even steal from successful brands and repackage them soo he can sell them at a faster rate. Here is an example of what he recently did to a popular brand in Nigeria

He basically stole the cover and put his name and is currently selling it at N10,000 to Young Ladies and MUA's at Trade Fairs in lagos and eastern nigeria. He even got alot of hateful comments 

This Anambra man is just scamming young ladies to make money from them. 


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Nawa oo
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That is very bad
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Is that so!?!
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Not nice
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