Writing Statement Of Problems (SOP) In Research

January 05, 2021
Writing Statement of Problems (SOP) in Research*
Like its often said, if you don't state what your problem is, the doctor cannot know what to treat.
The problem statement is very important in research and many students lack the basic knowledge of how to present their research problems.
Remember, your problem statement does not necessarily have to be lengthy. If you are telling a doctor about the symptoms of ur sickness and you are beating about the bush, the doctor may get furious with you. That is what often happens with the examiners of research works.
I will use analogy of sickness to explain the simple steps in problem statement in research.
1. State the ideal situation - I am supposed to be healthy to live a fulfiled life.
2. State the current situation - however I am not well at all.
3. State measures that have been put in place over time to solve the problem - I have taken different medications including......, i have even tried herbal medicines and prayer houses etc
4. State the persistence of the problem - yet, i have not felt any better, instead it is increasing.
5. State the effects of the problem - I can't concentrate, i can't eat very well, i can't sleep very well (these are effects on the person), effects on other may include: my sickness constrains my family members etc...
6. State the reason for the research - I feel that this sickness may be severe or even kill me if i don't find a lasting solution to it. And I feel that a way of finding lasting solution ti it is by consulting a specialist about my sickness.
7. State the gap in knowlege - although people have similar cases to my own but they have often used different methods to treat their own sicknesses, but I feel that using this method will make a more significant difference from the methods previously used by others.
8. Conclude your statement - it is because of all i have said that I came to you for a solution to my problem.
Simple and short. Please try this simple steps and see if any examiner will complain about your problem statement. Hope this will help some people.
I may have to add that statement of problem centres most on the dependent variables, while keeping silent on the independent variables... Connecting both at that level while discussing the research problem automatically means conclusion of research and nothing to investigate
Stay blessed all.
Dr. Obumneke Ezie
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