Vagina Care

June 19, 2022

Dear Ladies,

For recurrent yeast infection, this may help you find out why:

1. Are you on long term use of antibiotics, do you abuse antibiotics?

2. Do you douche your vagina?

3. Do you use antiseptic soaps, vaginal wash, yoni pearls boric acid or borax  & the likes?

4. How is your blood sugar level ?

5. Eating right ?

The use of antibiotics especially long term use of broad spectrum antibiotics can predispose one to yeast infection or recurrent yeast infections, this is because antibiotics upsets the natural balance of the vaginal microflora.

How does it do this? Broad spectrum antibiotics do this by killing both the harmful and good vaginal bacteria/microbial organisms.

There are healthy bacteria on your vaginal environment, they help maintain the pH of the vagina,

They also compete with the bad guys and keep them at bay making sure they don’t overgrow and cause harm to you, but when you abuse antibiotics or you’re constantly on antibiotics you can succeed in wiping out this good bacteria,

The downside to this is, the bad ones grow rapidly, they will grow rapidly and colonize the vagina resulting in yeast infection amongst other things.

If you happen to have recurrent yeast infection and it’s not due to any of those above, then check your blood sugar level.

This is particularly important if you have a family history of diabetes.

Diabetes can result in a weakened immune system, and the fact that there is a high amount of sugar in the blood is another problem as sugar is a suitable medium for microbial organism to grow.

This together can result in recurrent yeast infection.

Malnutrition is a big problem, are you eating right? When you get malnourished it has a way of weakening your immune system and when that is in place, it’s possible for someone to come down with yeast infection.

What you eat is also important. Very important. If the food you eat is mainly refined carbs, mainly sugar, added sugar, junks after junks, you don’t eat eggs, you don’t eat proteins, this may in turn affect your immune system and you know what follows.

There are other things that can predispose one to yeast infection or recurrent yeast infection e.g. HIV/AIDS (this still boils down to the immune system).

It’s always important to speak to a healthcare provider like me if you notice anything out of place especially for long or recurrent infection.

Protect yourself. Stay safe.

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