Unbelievable Records In Football

July 27, 2022


1. Ryan Giggs scoring 100+goals without a single hat-trick.

2. Sergio Ramos collecting 26 yellow cards in 38 matches.

3. Real Madrid winning 3 consecutive UCL trophies.

4. Lionel Messi scoring 91 goals in a single year.

5. Kanu Nwankwo playing 6 different AFCON tournaments, without scoring a single goal.

6. Lewandowski scoring 5 goals in 9 minutes.

7. Lingard not registering a single shot on target in 25 matches.

8. Steven Gerrard He's the only player to score in the final of the FA Cup, League Cup, Uefa Cup, and Champions League.

9. Liverpool reaching 97 points without winning the league.

10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Christiano Ronaldo scoring a goal in every minute of a football match during their careers.

11. Sadio Mane scoring a hat-trick in two minutes.

12. Zinedine Zidane not getting caught offside throughout his career.

13. Harry Kane scoring over 150 goals without winning any trophy.

14. Phillip Lahm not getting a single red card throughout his career.

15. Aaron Sweswe playing the whole 90 minutes of a football match without kicking a ball.

16. Tottenham playing 59 seasons without winning a single league.

17. Arsenal played more than any teams in the EPL without winning Champions league.

18. Arsenal Playing 49 matches unbeaten..

19. Eric Bailly’s shot that went outside the stadium.

20. Jorginho 4K passes – 0 assist

Which one shocks you the most?