UN Tags Tonto Dikeh’s Noble Intl. Ambassadorial Award As Scam

April 10, 2021

The popular Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dikeh has been ridiculed again as the United Nations has tagged the honorary ambassadorial award/appointment as illegal and has nothing to do with them.


This was made known by an Instagram blogger, xoxocruise alleging the award is a scam and those involved are aiming to target innocent and gullible Nigerians through the media attention and scam them their hard-earned money.


The Nollywood thespian took to her Instagram page to flaunt the new ambassadorial deal.

She wrote:



However, the blogger provided evidence of a victim swindled of his retirement money worth millions of Naira. They approached him to contribute money for a fake United Nation housing project in Nigeria.


Also, a report by BBC says the Director of United Nations Information Centre for Nigeria, Ronald Kayanja, also confirmed the award has nothing to do with United Nations.


Ronald Kayanja, in the statement sent to BBC, said he would follow up with authorities in Nigeria as many organizations are parading themselves United Nations.


According to Ronald, there are numbers of civil society organizations around the world that participate in UN meetings of the Economic Social Council (ECOSOC) but that does not mean that they are members of United Nations


The blogger wrote:


Who will help me tell Tonto Dikeh that the Ambassador award she was given is a scam and those involved are aiming to target innocent and gullible Nigerians through the media attention this so-called award brings… And the end result is to scam them of their hard earned money ?


From the 2nd slide you can read a WhatsApp conversation I had with my Uncle last year who would have been scammed to transfer his hard earned retirement money worth millions ! They approached him to contribute money for a fake “UN Housing project in Nigeria” to bring some millions for the projet to be awarded and after he’ll make profits…My further investigation proved that their website is creepy and Facebook account is filled with fake charity projects they’re claiming to represent the UN but it’s not true.Note that UNDP is responsible for such development project and they work with each UN country offices involved. Not some drunk looking imposter claiming to be some chief Ambassador and giving fake awards to Nollywood stars in order to catfish more victims.


I will go ahead and add that with my experience working with the United Nation’s there is no such UN agency called the above name …The final slide from BBC @bbcnewspidgin further proves my point.


Merely looking at Tonto’s post you can the influence such fake award is pulling and the danger of victims who will fall into such schemes. Her fellow colleagues are congratulating, hailing and cheering her on.


They don’t bother check before validation endorsing…. Is this the Nigeria we all looking forward to ?


I’m not against Tonto or any Nigerian celebrity but please guys try and verify before you’re used as part of a 419 scheme. Doesn’t tell well with the damages after all.