Top 12 Unknown Jobs That Actually Pay Real Cash

June 04, 2021

In this article am going to inform you on jobs that actually exist that you may not know but they actually pay serious cash.

I am going to make a count down.
12:Pet food tester
The people employed to do this job actually taste the pet food like dog,cat etc. But the truth is that they don't eat the the pet food they only taste it and spit it out, they taste it to check if the nutrients are in the pet food. You might be wondering how much they earn they earn up to $1000 dollars per week.

11:Golf ball divers

They are people that are in charge of picking golf balls that fall inside the water. The work is not as easy as you think because most of the balls fall into swamp waters,algae waters,etc and they pay them according to the amount of balls they pick if you are able to pick up to 1000 balls you can earn up to $100 dollars so imagine you pick up to 3000 golf balls.

10:Professional snuggler
The job is not that famous but the people employed to the job actually earn a good amount of money.You might ask yourself what is their work. The work of a professional snuggler is to hug people that are feeling lonely,angry etc but nothing more than hugging. And for you to be a professional snuggler you have to read a book titled "cuddle sutra"the book teaches how to cuddle someone and also teaches how to detect someone with bad feeling. A professional snuggler earn up to $60 dollars per hour.

9:Bed tester
Many people wish they could just sleep and get paid. So if that was your wish it is now possible.But the truth is that the job is not that easy but people like it,why I said it is not easy is because a professional bed tester spend 8 hours on the bed to check if the bed has any deep and also to check if the edge of the bed is strong enough for someone to sit on. Also while a bed tester sleeps on the bed they change the temperature to check how comfortable a guest can be,they normally work in companies and in hotels and they earn up to $10,000 dollars a month.

8:Face feeler

The work is not as easy as you here because people that are employed to work are actually expert. Their job is to check the effect of cream,shore,and other cosmetic on a person skin and if their is any effect they can tell the company.

Once the report get to the company they will change their mistake very fast and quick. A face feeler earn up to $35,000 dollar a year or even more.

7:Paper towel sniffers
The people that are employed to this job actually have to train their self so that their nose can be highly sensitive. A paper towel sniffer actually sniff paper towel to detect bad smell in the paper towel before it can be sold.

In case you care to know the profit of a paper towel sniffer, a paper towel sniffer earns up to $1000 dollars in a week.

6:Professional line stander
This job is very popular round the globe. The work of a professional line stander is to stand on a queue for someone and get paid why most professional line stander gain a lot of money is because most times they stand up to 19 hours in a queue and sometimes the weather can be wicked. A professional line stander earn up to $1000 dollars in a week.

5:Water slide tester
I think only from the name and the picture you can be able to know their work of a water slide tester. The work of a water slide tester is to check for any fault in the water slide mainly to check ;If the amount water is good,how quick it takes to reach the button and how safe and fun it can be, a water slide tester earns up to $35,000 dollars in a year.

4:Snake milker
This job is one of the dangerous jobs in my count down because people that have the job are actually risking their life.

Snake milkers are very important because they are the people that take snake venoms for useful experiment,this days snake milkers make use of snake venom for medical research and anti venom. Because of their wonderful job they earn $4000 dollars monthly.

3:Worm picker
Have you ever wondered how worms get into a shops for fisher men to buy? Well the answer is going to be revealed.

Worm pickers are people that pick up worms and sell it to fishing shops so that fisher men will be able to buy worms instead of looking for worms on the floor which can waste serious time,a worm picker earns $14,000 dollars a year

2:Stunt tester
This job is one of the most irritating and life risking jobs in the world.

The people that have this job actually eat bugs,cockroach,earth worm,grass hoppers etc to check if it is dangerous for humans to feed on. You might ask your self why a human will think of eating bugs the answer is competitions like XFACTOR and FEAR FACTOR they are levels you will reach that you may be asked to eat bugs. A stunt tester salary is $800 dollars daily

1:Armpit sniffer
You must train your smell sensitive organ which is the nose before you can start this job.

Once you are employed your job is to smell people armpit to check if their armpit product like shore,roll on etc are working if they is any complain they will tell the company so that changes can be made before the product spreads around the globe.

An armpit sniffer salary is up to $50,000 dollars in a year.

Jun 04, 2021 at 06:03 AM