Tips On How To Gain Weight Within 2weeks

December 03, 2020

I know a lot of people who spend half of their day searching for how to gain weight. I equally know a lot of peole looking for how to loose weight and like the saying goes "This life no balance"ūüėā¬†
This weight gain /loss topic is neglected a lot but is one of the major causes of depression. These words "skinny" and "fat" has put a lot of people into serious thinking and sleepless nights. I can tell because my home use to be on those websites that talk about weight gain. Those tips I will be dropping here but first , one needs to relax his/her mind because these weight gain tips I used started working when I became a little bit less concerned about my weight. I'm no motivational speaker but I'll be stating things we all already know but never put in practice. In the end, I'll recommend a multivitamin syrup for those who want to gain weight within 2weeks. And please do well to do your personal research on it as I did before taking mine.
1* Don't drink water before meals. 
We already know this but somehow the bad habit lingers. This tip is important if you are looking forward to gaining weight because water can fill up your stomach and make it harder to get in enough calories, especially if you are used to taking very little quantities.

2*Eat more often.
This is a Yes Yes because if you want to gain weight you have to target eating 3-5 times a day. Not more than that though because you need to watch your health too while taking down all these foods...

3* Try weight gainer shakes/smoothies
I will say that this worked for me because it was one of the major changes I made on my daily diet. I recommend Avacado smoothies because avacado contains about 160calories.

4* Use bigger plates. ...
Toss those small plates aside and switch to bigger plates. Not just bigger plates lol but bigger quantity of food.

5* Get quality sleep.
Like I said ,you need to stop worrying about that weight and get enough sleep. Worrying and thinking won't give your weight but getting quality sleep will do that for you darling.


Finally, I'm recommending "Appetamin syrup"  for you all looking to gain weight. Do well to research the side effects yourself (yeah yourself because the reviews I will give about it might not be enough for you) and talk to the pharmacist you are getting it from. 

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