Tips For Twitter Marketing That Actually Work

July 19, 2022

I'm sure you've seen countless headlines like “How College Dropout Made $2 Million In 3 Weeks.”

But a smart person knows that the only way that can happen is if

  • the guy came from a wealthy home and struck a really good deal (which is highly unlikely)
  • He bought into crypto and hit it big (possible but not common)
  • Or he'd been working his socks off for a long time and his hard work finally paid off

But forget one-day success stories.

If you want to grow, you need to do the work. 

Thank goodness for platforms like Owodaily that give you a boost.

Still, you must know what you are doing.


So let's go straight to the point on those Twitter marketing tips i mentioned in the title.

What you need on any social media platform is Active Presence and Invested Time.

Twitter is a platform of over 300 million users so the potential is huge.


Use these 3 tips to win.

1. Engage Your Audience in The Best Way Possible

If your Twitter page is up and running for only a few days. Or it’s been up for years but only gathering dust then this strategy will make all the difference.

Show up daily or, at least, regularly: Showing up once in a blue moon is no way to make friends. Would your friends like it if you didn’t show up for a drink? They’ll call you once, twice, thrice. Until one day, they’ll stop. Or, in a Marvel parallel universe, you wouldn’t have any friends at all.

Research shows that your prospects need to interact with you at least 7 times before they purchase from you.

That’s SEVEN, not once or twice or even thrice.

Naturally, you should engage and share valuable content.

The point is to leave a thoughtful comment or strike up a conversation.

A hack is to turn on post notifications for News profiles or celebrities and drop a comment on their tweet.

A plain, boring comment won’t cut it, even if it’s a compliment. This is because viewers can instantly tell you’re leaving template-based comments, which doesn't win anyone, to be honest.


2. Participate in Twitter Chats and Spaces

A Twitter chat is a conversation between people who gather around a specific time, to talk about a specific topic, using a specific hashtag.

Jump in and you’ll make lots of friends. Look for other chats relevant to your interests.

Some golden tips to engage in Twitter chats:

  • Answer questions with insightful answers, sharing your experience and what you’ve learned.
  • Read others’ answers and respond to them.
  • Interact will people you talked to after the chat too.


3. Share What is Valuable To Your Audience

The content you share on Twitter plays a critical role in driving your engagement levels further.

You can’t expect people to visit your profile if there’s nothing of value on your account.

It’s like building a mall with no shops in it. No one will come to such a place.

Therefore, what you share counts. 

Share content that is:

  • Relevant to your business
  • Offers value to your audience
  • Presents some unique takeaways
  • Insightful or Motivational


Another way is to curate valuable content

I understand you can't always create original content. That's where sharing other peoples content comes in. Just make sure it is relevant.

This type of content helps you save time and assists you in building relationships across your industry.

Plus, you learn a lot as curation keeps your audience interested.


I hope these tips were helpful and useful. I share tips on marketing, social media management, mindset and selling online. Drop your thoughts if this was useful and share other growth tips you have used.