This Telegram Bot Pays You $0.25 Per Person You Invite To Learn About Crypto (Proof Inside)

June 10, 2022

Would you believe that you can get paid to learn crypto and more interestingly get paid for inviting others to join a Telegram bot to learn crypto as well? Yeah, this is possible and it is the purpose of this short guide.

The crypto-learning Telegram bot is Breach club bot. Breach club is an online community purposed to make crypto education available for everyone - from basics to advanced and gives room for you to earn while learning. In the Breach community, you can stand a chance to earn crypto rewards for taking quizzes, being an active member, participating in giveaways, and inviting your friends to join the community via the Breach bot. 

The Breach bot pays you $0.25 in BUSD (Binance USD - stable coin) for each person that you invite to the bot following these procedures:


Click this link to start the bot:


Click "Join Breach Club"


Subscribe to the Telegram channel & join the group chat.


Input the link:  in the requested invitation link box.


Get your invite link and then invite others to follow these procedures.


The minimum payment is $5 in BUSD (BEP-20) and would be sent to you within 15 days after withdrawal has been placed.


Here is a recent payment proof





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