The Only Way To Fix Nigeria Is Unity - Victor Dirikebamor

September 13, 2022

It won't be difficult to find a successful Nigerian in the US.

It would be easy to spot a rich Nigerian in the UK.

And it's very easy to spot successful Nigerians in Nigeria, you need just look through your neighborhood to spot them.

My street alone has numerous rich men who are not politicians, neither civil servants, they're in some sort of businesses.

But how difficult would it be to spot a group of successful Nigerians in Canada or in London?

It's almost impossible, not just in overseas but here in Nigeria.

We Nigerians are successful individually. We don't cooperate both in government and in business, neither in religion.

We're lone wolves.

We need unity if we must turn things around in Nigeria.

A group of Indians are mostly seen together.

You always see Lebanese living in foreign lands together, supporting one another.

Same thing for the Chinese. Once a brother comes into town what he does is to locate his countrymen.

And it's not just the whites, even Africans from other countries do so. Haven't you seen the boys from Togo, the Cotonou boys who did the plastering at your new house?

A Nigerian can't locate his countrymen for immediate, temporary help. He knows there is no much hope, he'll rather seek help from strangers.

This is seen both in Nigeria and abroad. We're a divided people.

You mostly here Nigerians coming together during festivals, religious meetings, unproductive political meetings. And this is true home and abroad.

Our hope as Nigerians is our unity.

Whether you like it or not, if we want to see meaningful progress, if we want to move forward we need to work together, we need to see a fellow Nigerian as a relative anywhere in the world.

Alone you can do little but together we can do great exploit. And when we work together the energy needed to get the job done is little compared to when you're to do it alone.

Look at our music industry, artists are divided. Every upcoming artist must have his record label because the existing ones will bill him too high.

The Nigerian man is always hard on fellow Nigerians, it's bad for meaningful development.

The more United we are as Nigerians the faster we shall achieve good success

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