The Easiest Way To Make $1 Repeatedly

January 08, 2022

Hello everyone! I present to you the easiest way to make $1 repeatedly. The business model I am about to discuss here is affiliate marketing. Don’t exit this post yet… because The good news about this affiliate marketing model is that you don’t have to sell anything to make your money/commission. All that is required is just signups and your money starts trooping in.

Without further ado, the product we would be considering here is Crewdle.


What is Crewdle?

Crewdle is a video conferencing, online meeting, and online collaboration platform that allows businesses to interact with their suppliers, partners, and customers via live, one to many or one-to-one video chat. With crewdle, you will be able to create or join a meeting, without having to download an app; all done on the web. This web app works just like Zoom and Google Meet. 


Crewdle Affiliate program

Crewdle Affiliate program allows you to earn both direct and recurring commissions for every individual you invited to the app. When you join the Crewdle affiliate program, you will be given a unique link to share with your referrals, and immediately someone registers with your link, you will gain an instant $1 bonus and 30% life recurring commission when they upgrade to any premium plan on the platform.



How to join Crewdle affiliate program

To join the Crewdle affiliate/referral program, you have to first register on the Crewdle video conferencing platform.

Simply CLICK HERE to register on the Crewdle video conferencing platform. All you need for the registration is your real name and your email address. Make sure you enter a valid email address.

After entering your name, email address and creating a password, you will be prompted to a page where you will have to click on send verification link button to get a verification link sent to your email address. Proceed to your email app, click on the verification link sent to you to verify your Crewdle account.


How to join Crewdle partnership/affiliate program

Once you complete your Crewdle account verification, simply CLICK HERE to go to the partnership page. You will see the apply now button, simply click on it and you will be taken to the partnership Registration page.

On the partnership registration page,  you will be asked the following questions, answer them as instructed below to get approved:

Name: Enter the same name you used when you register for Crewdle account above.

Email: Enter the same email you used for creating your Crewdle account.

How many people are part of your audience? Input above 100.

Where do you plan sharing your link? For this, simply copy the link to your Facebook profile and paste it there.

Why do you want to join this program? To spread the Crewdle news to more potential users.

Where is your audience located? Online - Mention the country you reside in and some other countries.

What industry do you currently work with? Here, you can input any of these: Digital marketing industry, Internet marketing, Travel agency, or Tech.

What type of partnership are you looking for? Affiliate partnership.


Now, click on the Next button and you will receive an email from Partnerstack to verify your email, click on the verify email to verify your email and set your login password. Wait for Crewdle to accept you into their affiliate/partnership program. This usually takes between 1hour to 24hours.


Once you have been approved, you will get an approval email with your referral link contained in it, simply copy it and start referring others to earn $1 per sign-up, as simple as that.


Crewdle Payout Threshold/Withdrawal

Crewdle partnership program runs on Partnerstack (a SaaS affiliate marketplace), Partnerstack pays every month and your earnings for a month will be sent to you on the 13th of the following month i.e. commissions made between Jan. 1st-31st would be paid by February 13th, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $5. To add your payment method, simply login to your partnership dashboard and click on the Menu bar at the top right corner. Select Reward and Withdrawals and click on the add payment button. The two payments method that is available is PayPal and Stripe. Connect your PayPal or Stripe account by adding your PayPal or Stripe email to receive your payment.


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To learn how to create a PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria, watch this video:









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NB: The referral program is currently on hold, to be resumed shortly. Crewdle is no longer accepting affiliate partners for now.
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