Sterling Bank Sets New Tone For Banking In Nigeria As Café One Launches New Outlet

August 31, 2021
Sterling Bank Sets New Tone for Banking in Nigeria as Caf? One Launches New Outlet

In the past year, the nature of work has taken an interesting turn with more people working remotely. Many are also working as freelancers, contract workers or are simply self-employed. What this means is that they are not confined by the walls of an office. While working from home has its perks - increased productivity, higher level of employee satisfaction, and fewer sick days, it also has its drawbacks. An instance is the feeling of isolation that arises from a lack of interaction with colleagues. Some may experience ‘cabin fever’ as a result of not leaving their house for a long period of time. 

What then is the solution? A workspace that’s super comfy with specially brewed coffee and free Wi-Fi that won’t cut out on you intermittently. And that’s not all, there’s a nice amount of space, along with a sizeable table that you can use for a group hangout. Café One fits this description perfectly. 

The space is located at the Lennox Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki, and a new outlet has just been launched at the Atlantic Mall, Chevron Drive, Lagos. As an opening incentive, users can enjoy free booking of the space when they register at before the end of August 2021. 

Among the several remarkable things about Café One, is how it successfully tailors premium and innovative personal banking services from Sterling Bank to meet customers’ respective banking needs. These ultra-modern co-working spaces, which doubles as a Café, is Nigeria’s first lifestyle banking initiative. With this, Sterling Bank is not only redefining how banking needs to be done in the future but also establishing a stronger relationship with small businesses.

In addition to its sleek urban and cozy interior, Café One is also a mission-driven workspace that donates towards making an impact in society. So far, they’ve championed a fundraiser for chess in the slums where they partnered with and Vester Coffee. Additionally, they organize a series of networking and capacity building events

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