See Things You Can Do To Help Your Parents Live Longer, Healthier Lives.

September 28, 2021
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As we get older, life happens. We grow more distant from our parents and sometimes, this distance has to do with location.

At other times, this distance is less about location and has more to do with life getting busier with careers, businesses and starting families of our own.

That said, there are still some things we can do that can help our parents/guardians to be loved and ultimately, these steps help them live longer, healthier lives whilst they are still with us.

Here are some of these steps:

(1) Stay connected

Because our parents raised us, it is very easy to forget that they are human and imperfect as well.

They gave up a great part of their lives to raise us and they do get lonely when they don’t hear from us.

Research has shown a correlation between loneliness and deteriorating health in older adults.

So keep in touch. TELL THEM HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM. Visit them when you can or have them visit you. Take them for a massage or to the movies. Videocall your parent(s) if you’re in a far location. Listen to them when they gist with you about things you might consider to be irrelevant. You just might be prolonging their lives by staying in touch.

(2) Monitor their Health

Chances are that your parents have one or two health conditions that they are treating. This usually comes with age, so play an active role in their health status.

Get your parents a Blood pressure monitor and a Blood sugar monitor. If they are hypertensive, call to see if they are taking their medication judiciously. Ask your mum about her arthritis and what her doctor has suggested. Arrange for annual health checks. Get them a health insurance plan.

Many of them are stubborn and fixed in their ways, but they listen when the advice comes from their kids. Take care of their health.

(3) Send them money

Most parents aren’t even big on the amount of money you send to them. For them, it’s usually the act of giving those counts.

They appreciate the fact that you thought about them and sent them money. It makes them feel loved.

So, if you’re struggling, still give to them. And when you do hit it big, don’t spend it all on yourself or your friends. Remember your parents. They are the ones who were there from the beginning.

(4) Hire Help for them

Your parents aren’t as physically strong as they used to be. They may never admit it to you (especially our mothers) because they don’t want to be a burden, but they would appreciate some help around the house.

What you can do, if you are able to, is to hire someone who can visit them regularly to help with chores, daily activities and health checks. There are agencies who provide these services, through maids and even professional nurses. Your parents will thank you for it.

(5) Use the Internet

We all have Mothers who share WhatsApp broadcasts with us (sometimes, without even verifying whether the broadcast is true or false).

Then we have fathers who add us to different WhatsApp groups without our permission.

Teaching our parents how to use their phones and computers to access the internet can help to increase their lifespan by getting rid of loneliness. They will be able to video-call their grandkids, do online courses to keep their minds agile and also watch the latest gossip videos on Pulse’s website. These activities are good killers of boredom.

What other tip would you like to add to this list?

Share them with me in the comment section!