Secret Method Bb9ja Contestants Can Use To Get Thousands Of Votes On Big Brother Naija

August 23, 2021

Hi guys, are you trying to vote for your favourite Big Brother Naija housemate? Action has begun in the Big Brother Shine Ya Eye season and fans would now have the option to rule for their #1 housemate. I will guide you to how you can do this easily and also how you can get thousands of votes for them.

For this sixth edition, SMS projecting a voting form has been dismissed and various means are being introduced by the facilitators.

To vote for your main housemate on the BBNaija site, you are to enroll on the site: 

Go to the Vote menu and register by giving your details as required. 
Successful registrants will get One Time Pin through SMS. 

At the point when the OTP is entered, you would then have the option to be able to project a voting form by picking your favourite housemate.

In the season 6 of the BB9ja Show, you can vote for your favourite housemate though the following ways:

Through the Big Brother website

Through the Big Brother Naija Mobile app

Through the MyDSTV or MyGOTV app

The maximum number of votes for each person per voting round is 100 votes

Follow this link for a full breakdown

You can get more than 100 votes for your favourite housemate if your are on a premium plan on the DStv or GOtv subscription, Using the MYDStv / MYGOtv mobile app

You can be eligible for the following packages:

  • Premium/Bue / Mega = 2500 votes
  • Compact+ / Grande Mais  = 1500 votes
  • Compact /  Grande = 750 votes
  • Comfam / Family / Familia = 500 votes
  • GOtv Max = 350 votes
  • GOtv Jolli / Plus = 200 votes
  • Yanga / Access  = 200 votes.


You can also use Owodaily to get more votes For your favourite housemate

If your are using the free method of voting, you can actually get more votes for your favourite housemate by creating a simple task on owodaily asking people to vote for your favourite housemate.

This is how it works:

  • Create an account with CLICK HERE TO CREATE ACCOUNT
  • Activate your account with a little fee of #3000.00
  • Post the job on the platform using your account
  • Select number of people you need for the job

Let’s say; you need 10,000 votes for White Money, it means that you need 100 people to give 100 votes on your behalf which you can simply post using the platform after which the workers will submit an evidence to you which you need to approve.

You can do this for as many housemates as you want using owodaily very easily, Visit if you want to know more about them.

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