President Joe Biden And Other World Leaders Are Given Microphone 'condoms' At UN Amid COVID Fears (photos)

September 22, 2021
President Joe Biden and other world leaders are given microphone

US President Joe Biden and other world leaders who spoke at Tuesday's United Nations General Assembly were given a fresh microphone head in order to prevent the gathering of world leaders from becoming a COVID superspreader event.   

The microphone head, had the appearance of black, condom-like bag.

One reporter wrote: 'New in the age of COVID, a little condom for the microphone' - for both its bag-like appearance and the protection it was supposed to provide.  

'According to the UN COVID-19 protocols, the podium will be cleaned after every speaker and the microphone head will be replaced,' a White House official said. 

Biden spoke at U.N. headquarters in New York on Tuesday September 21, after Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, confirmed on Monday to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that he hasn't been vaccinated against COVID-19. 

President Joe Biden and other world leaders are given microphone

Johnson urged people to 'get AstraZeneca vaccines' - one that hasn't yet been approved in the United States. 

'I've had it twice,' the British PM said, to which Bolsonaro replied, 'Not yet.'   

The White House later put out the statement pointing out the mic swap was happening between every world leader, meaning it wasn't just a precaution surrounding Bolsonaro's vaccination status.  

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