Piece Of Advice

July 15, 2022

So, there is this guy in my school who girls usually snub. I fact ghost him  online if he wants to ask anyone to be his dateπŸ˜‚. But fortunately,  the guy cashed out, bought the whole shop and started to do giveaway for everyone.  Funny enough, a video of him was made doing giveaway cos he cashed out  huge money.  So, the girl messaged people she knew that they should help her, that she snubbed, did not accept the guy's proposal cos the guy had no money before, and all like that sha. It was then she knew she fucked upπŸ˜‚. The advise I want to give you guys, especially girls is that you should never look down on a guy, or even anyone,  because person w3y no get today fit get tomorrow,  person wey poor today fit be rich tomorrow. So let's be careful in this life.  Life na turn by turn oo. It shall be well with us all oo