Newly Released Hausa Music Video Causes Stir On Social Media

January 13, 2021

A newly released Hausa music video on YouTube and other social media platforms has generated condemnations as the said video allegedly portrayed a lot of semi-nude scenes.

The music video titled ‘North Vibe’ by Adamawa born artiste, Abdullahi Aliyu Shelleng a.k.a AA Shelleng, also featured Lagos-based artiste SlimCase and has generated a lot of heat on social media as many who commented on the music video alleged that it violated and ridiculed the Hausa language and culture.

A reaction on the video by one Tajuddeen Musbahu reads: “This is a total deviation from the Northern norms and values.

“This is an insult to Hausa speaking people and if I should make a suggestion, I will say the video should be deleted from the net. This is totally wrong.”

Another wrote: “I am sure this guy is not from the North.

“How could he do such a thing in Hausa and no one seems to be controlling it.

“In fact, no matter what, no any Nigerian language will want to be attributed to such a video.

“Personally, I will seek for authority’s action on this character assassination of a particular language without any justification.”

Jan 20, 2021 at 03:57 PM