Never Do These Things In The Kitchen To Avoid Gas Explosion

December 19, 2020


Here are 4 things we do every day in the kitchen that can cause a gas explosion and everyone should know about it for safyourlsaviore kitchen where there is gas is not good because it can cause a citeddciteddas explosion, stop making calls in the kitchen for security reasons to be on The safer side

*Do not lock the kitchen door when cooking because too much heat can cause a gas explosion if the gas cylinder is in the kitchen, so try to open your kitchen door while cooking to cooking heat

*Do not point your phone touch near the gas when on because it is not right and you should be careful in all you do, life is precious so live as though you'll die today, in order words I mean you should be extra careful when you're in the kitchen

*Do not fall anything on your gas cylinder because the force of the object can make the gas head lose thereby letting the gas leak, if a thing like that happens just put a stone on the cylinder head to be safe so that they gas will notify catch up with fire

*Do nothing chat whole you see in The kitchen because it night caused a distraction to you and on the other hand your are nothing supposed to handle a phone in the kitchen

*Do not make calls in the kitchen for security purposes

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Awesome post
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Awesome post
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