Neighborhood Love.

December 25, 2020

Her name is Cynthia my next door neighbour who moved in with her younger sister Brenda,We were Friends for a period of two month and I was not really friendly with her. There was this guy in the compound who also wanted to have a thirst of her, and because  I hated compound runs I allowed him.

Two month down she still wanted me and being a Virgin I did not want to disvirgin myself. This babe tried everything possible until on a Tuesday last week she came into my apartment to watch a movie,she started touching me and before I knew what was happening my tomboy was standing in excitement I tried everything possible to control myself but to no avail .

Say jack- robbinson babe was busy sucking my balls at this point I was lost in excitement, she sucked me for ten minute,then stood up to give me a kiss that throw me of balance on the ground of morality. I pushed her on my bed and before I could think, I was already inside her pumping as hard as I could. I was so shocked that as a virgin I did not cum on time..for an hour we were still hitting hard,she had to drive me as hard as she could and to be sincere I was no more in control. FastForward to an hour later we were done and she slept off. The next day I got up and seeing her was detesting,I hated her for riding me, even till today I don't find it easy talking to her. What do I do.

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Feb 07, 2021 at 08:12 PM

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