Mydailycash App: Get Paid For Completing Easy Tasks On Your Phone

July 05, 2022

MyDailyCash App is a get-paid-to (GPT) app that allows users to make money online by completing easy tasks on the app such as downloading apps, registering on sites, etc.

The app is currently an Android-only app and pays users directly into their PayPal account once they’ve accumulated the minimum coins that can be converted into cash.

How MyDailyCash App Works

As said before this app is a get-paid-to app. The way it works is that MyDailyCash partners with some other companies that want users to test their apps, sign up on their sites, or any other simple tasks and MyDailyCash posts these micro-tasks on their app for its app users to do and get rewarded in coins which can then be redeemed for cash.

Rewards for each task completed vary and are dependent on different partners of MyDailyCash. You can earn as low as 10 coins for some completed tasks and as high as 50 coins for some. 

Each credit that you earn on the app is equivalent to $0.01 (one cent), and this implies that if you get to accumulate 500 credits, you’ve gotten $5, 1000 credits give $10, and so on.

The minimum redeemable credit to cash is 1000 credits, which is equivalent to $10, and we’ll get to see if it’s truly possible to get your money sent to your PayPal account if you’ve got a minimum of $10 in redeemable credits.

How to Signup on MyDailyCash App

  1. Download the app on your Android device here:

Open the app. On launching the app, you will be prompted to the registration page. Register by filling in your phone number, checking the boxes, and inputting the referral code: 819226 in the referral code field to get 50 credits ($0.50) (This is my referral code and this gives you a 50 credits sign-up bonus). 

On the following page, you’ll get to see your dashboard with your 50 sign-up bonus credits.

This is all that the sign-up process entails. Now let’s get to see how to fill your PayPal account for payment on the app.


How to Fill In Your PayPal Email For Payment on MyDailyCash App

Do the following to set your PayPal email to receive payment from MyDailyCash when it’s time to withdraw:

Hover and tap on the Settings icon located at the base of the app.

Tap on PayPal account, then in the New PayPal Email box, enter your PayPal email address there and repeat the email in the Confirm new PayPal Email box.

Tap the Update button to finally have your PayPal email set.


How to Complete Tasks on the MyDailyCash App

Completing tasks on the app is an easy process. To complete any available tasks on the app, do the following:

Log in to your account on the app.

Swipe down to locate available tasks on your dashboard. Read the description of each task to know what is needed to successfully have them completed to receive your reward.

Depending on the tasks that you find suitable for you to complete, select them by tapping on the Go to Deal button located below the task description.

If the task requires you to download an app, proceed by clicking the link to download the app on the Google Playstore and then sign up or run the app as instructed. If it’s a game, you’ll need to play the game to the required level for the redemption of your credits.


MyDailyCash App Referral Program

MyDailyCash referral program is a win-win referral program in the sense that both you and the invited person get rewarded.

You would get 20 credits ($0.20) for each person you invite, while your referral gets 50 credits ($0.50) for using your referral code to sign up on the app.


Is MyDailyCash app really a legit money-making app?

The answer to this question is YES. Several people have been paid for using the app. I've also been paid by MyDailyCash app for just completing easy tasks on my phone.

Here is my payment proof (Win Glory International Limited is the company that owns MyDailyCash App):

Here is another recent payment proof.




So, you can see that this is really a legit way to make extra money using your phone. Download the app on PlayStore, register with your phone number, input the referral code “819226"  to get your 50 credits ($0.50) welcome bonus, and start completing tasks to earn money to your PayPal.

In case you don't have PayPal account, you can check out this video on YouTube: 

Happy earning!!!