My Life Was Threatened For Saving Nigeria $3.6 Billion From Ghost Workers, Oil Subsidy Scam – Okonjo-iweala

July 14, 2021

Speaking on Tuesday during an interview organised by Atlantic Council, a United States think-tank on international affairs, the WTO DG said her life was threatened for doing her job.

Okonjo-Iweala said during Obasanjo’s administration, where she first served as finace minister, she worked to ensure renegotiation of Nigeria’s debt in the international community.

She said Nigeria was indebted by $30 billion to the Paris Club with a debt service of $2 billion a year, of which the country could only pay $1 billion

Under Jonathan’s administration, Okonjo-Iweala said her effort was directed at tackling corruption and improving the financial system with the use of technology.

She said; “Just by having an integrated financial management system, we were able to cut down on the phenomenon of ghost workers, you know where people used to put additional people on the payroll in the ministries, ghost pensioners, because ghost workers will graduate to ghost pensioners, and so we got rid of that and saved $1.1 billion for the government


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We know ..God pass them
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