Meet A Nigerian Lady That Take Welding As A Profession

November 28, 2020
A Nigerian lady, Katrina Mbeytiambon, has chosen a career that is dominated by men and she is happy about it even though some of her friends mock her - Katrina is an apprentice at a welder shop who plans to empower people by the time she opens her own shop - The young lady decided to go into welding after her secondary school education.
Katrina Mbeytiambon enjoys being a welder even though some of her friends mock her. Source: Original According to Katrina, she decided to go into welding because people believe it is only meant for men. 
Her ambition is to own a workshop of her own and employ as many people as possible. She said she would have been an accountant if she was not a welder, adding that she plans to send her siblings to the higher institution when she starts making money as a welder. The young lady said: "I work as a welder not because I don't have alternatives to go into something else but because I prefer being a welder. I've been in this job for more than a year and I've learnt. "I can operate some of the equipment and I've been to Kwara state. I finished secondary school in 2019 and I was at home doing nothing.
She also said that the challenge  she is facing now is handling the equipment.

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That is woman for you
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This is a nice development
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A lady that knows what she wants.
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