Important Physiological Facts About Attraction.

December 28, 2020

Ten important psychological facts about attraction.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, in the other hand, attraction and beauty comes handy.

Some physiological attraction tricks, are read down blow.


Men prefer women with mature appearance:

Most men prefer women who look mature phsically, men prefer keeping relationship with women who have a mature appearance, she should be mature enough to handle a relationship.

Men like tall women:


Hight is an important aspect of attraction, men find women who are tall to be more attractive than there average follow.

Likwise women, also find tall and well built guys attractive and more handsome.


when a man is hungry he is interested in a fat woman, but when he is full he likes a small woman:

During the period of starvation or hungry, men find fat women more attractive and when full they prefer the small women.

Women long arms are more attractive than beautiful legs.

Though tall and beautiful legs are a part of being attractive as many find this attractive, but women with long arms are more attractive.

women prefer men with moderate muscle:

Hitting the gym always doesn't guarantee you 100% attraction, cause women prefer men with clear figures and a little bit of muscles, because studies have found that over developed muscle can reduce life expectancy.

Uniform skin color is important:

The charm of a woman lies solely on her uniform skin colour, which is very important.

Please if you are using a bleaching cream try to make your skin colour ryhm aviod Coke and fanta colour of skin.

men with feminine features are more attractive:

Though well built biceps are important, but men with feminine features are mostly seen as more attractive.

Example the Korean move actor.

interracial halfcast:

The face of a mixed race, especially with an other tribe or country, are more attractive and healthy, because the face of the mixed race eliminate the facial asymmetry and difference of the face thus making people more attractive.

women prefer men with round face and thick lips:

A survey conducted among women, to indentify the kind of facial structure they prefer.

Most chose a round face and thick lips, next was a square shape jaw, and others came after.

Women with long hair are more attentive:

Women with long hair are more attractive, but longer hair will affect woman's intelligence.

Men with tick eyebrows and hair are more popular with women:

Men are influenced by androgen which helps to form a good facial features.

Beards is a part of looking attractive:

Women see men with full beards as mature and masculin enough for a long term relationship.

Men with subtle beards are attractive and women prefer a fling or short relationship with them.

The skinned men are deemed hyginic and also attractive. In a nutshell beards is part of attraction women love guys who keep a well groomed bears though not every woman choice varies.

Always put a smile:

Smiling is part of attraction, studies have shown that smiling helps reduce tension especially when it's your first time to meet someone.

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