If You Could Switch Lives With Your Favourite Celebrity For One Day – Who Would It Be?

February 05, 2021

Role models are seen by some people to be the type of person who they portray most of their characters from. They help sharpen the type of person you are.

Life is a scripted, easy thing but a lot of us perceive it as something so difficult. Some people always wonder why people that are inferior to them and also do similar things to them make it bigger and better than they do.


I know of someone who own a very lucrative fashion house with numerous apprentices. One of his apprentices graduated from the fashion house and after almost 2 years of graduations, he has made it even 10 times than his boss.


He said his biggest motivation is his boss. He said he has always wished he could be like him all his days as an apprentice.


Have you ever taken a close look at a someone and grow so much feelings, likeness, and admiration for the persons ways of life that you sometimes wish you could switch life with them?


Now guys, let me put the question back to you 👇


If You Could Switch Lives With Someone For One Day, Who Would It Be?

Let’s have your say on this


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