I Will Bring Nigerians Out Of Poverty – Yul Edochie On Becoming President

February 19, 2021

The popular Nollywood actor cum politician, Yul Edochie has claimed to detest poverty as he has vowed to fight poverty from Nigeria once he becomes a president.


The politician said he would fight for the right of his people when he is voted as President to carry on the mandate to serve his people with his goodwill.


In a post sighted on his Instagram page, he shared a photo of himself as he sold his plans out to his numerous fans.




I hate to see people wallow in poverty.


I will be that President who will lift Nigerians from poverty.


That President who will take decisions in the interest of the masses.


That President who will listen to the people.


That President who will unite the East, North, West and South.


That President who will put the safety of Nigerians first.


I will be the President for the common man.


President for all.

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let us see 2023