I Went To My Friend’s Place, He Was With His Girlfriend Then This Happened

January 18, 2021

This my friend owns a football viewing centre in my area.

We’ve known each other since secondary school days as we were classmates then.


He’s doing fairly well for himself. The truth is he is a G boy so from the earnings he made, he set up a viewing centre in the neighbourhood alongside other small businesses (laundry shop and salon) that is fetching him money.


I noticed for a time now that he hasn’t opened his viewing centre for a while and that’s why I went to see him.


I got to his place and after an exchange of pleasantries, I told him the intention behind my visit.


He told me he had no tangible reason for the closure that he was just too lazy to open there.


I told him I actually wanted to help him do that i.e. open up the place, sweep, mount the TV ahead of pl fixtures for the day and any other thing he would want me to do.


While we were discussing, his girl came in from the room and sat on his laps while caressing his beards and laughing.


‘wetin con be this one na?’, I thought to myself.


So we agreed on 5 per cent of the total monies made for the day as my share.


After the Chelsea Fulham game, I went to his place, remitted the funds for the day then collected my 5percent share.


Today again, I went to his place, got the keys to the shop and went there.


I came back after the Tottenham match to tell him fuel finished, and we need to purchase.


He gave me some instructions and as I was outside about to leave, I heard his babe ask him who I was?


He told her I was his classmate from secondary school. Furthermore, he didn’t end there, he went on to tell her how I was among those who came out tops in class then, but now I’m his boy jostling for peanuts.


‘School no help anybody. Shey you don see as him life dey?’, he told her.


The one wey pain me pass na the way the girl take laugh me o.


He said many things o because he was still talking when I left.


Omo x 100000000. It’s not like my life dey useless or something. I be UNN student oooo!


After Liverpool match Vs Man United, I just pack up because I no fit to stay for Man City game.


Wallahi, his words are still disturbing me but I no send, I will go back to his place on Tuesday for the Premiere league games on that day.


Na money I dey find, I no kee anybody.


Do You Think I Did The Right Thing By Not Reacting?

Jan 19, 2021 at 08:26 AM
U did well bro
Jan 19, 2021 at 10:04 AM
You did very well
Jan 19, 2021 at 02:38 PM
You are right