I Regret Ever Going To Church – UK Based Nigerian Act, Sweetcorn Admits

November 17, 2020

Nigeria artiste, Sweetcorn recently made a controversial statement on religion, hinting that he does not believe religion is of any good to people now as not only is it harmful, it has also outlived its purpose.

In an encounter with Sunday Sun, the UK- based rising act who recently released his debut album titled Ikenna said, “About 2 months ago I went to church and I regretted it, before then was about 6 months ago.

I believe every pastor should preach life and help strengthen your faith in God, not preach like their reading a scripted manual or focus on fund raising for church project.

Religion is simply a set of rules and doctrines that are carved out by man and for other men telling them how to worship their god(s). And this god supposedly created everyone equal.

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