How To Make Money With Jumia Affiliate Marketing And Referral Program

April 20, 2022


What is Jumia Affiliate?


Jumia is an online market place in Africa that deals with a variety of products i.e electronics devices, fashion wears, etc. As a company, it facilitates the purchase and delivery of products from dealers to consumers. The company started in 2012 in Lagos and has about 50000 companies partnering with it across many countries in Africa.

Affiliate Marketing means the promotion of goods and services belonging to a dealer in return for a  commission. Also, a person that’s into Affiliate Marketing is called an affiliate or publisher. You can obtain further knowledge from the best affiliate marketing guide to earn from.

Jumia Affiliate Program is a ‘pay per sale” program that rewards affiliates for referring products offered by the company to customers and influencing them to make purchases. Furthermore, when a customer purchases a product within the space of 30 days after visiting the affiliate’s link, Jumia pays the affiliate a percentage of the sold product as commission.

Jumia Affiliate Program has proven to be the best ever in Nigeria. Affiliates of Jumia have confirmed that it pays best, compared to others. Affiliates of Jumia receive up to 11% commission from each sale made through their link.

How does Jumia Affiliate Program Work?

Just like every other affiliate program, the Jumia Affiliate program provides affiliate links to its affiliates with which they promote available products to their audience online. If any customer makes any purchase through the link (within 30 days of visiting the link), Jumia pays the affiliate a commission, about 9% for each sale.
Jumia tracks all the sales made through an affiliate link with the aid of a tracking code.
Well, the link that you get from Jumia has a tracking code in it. Once the link is clicked, it registers on Jumia’s server and at the same time, a cookie (with a 30-day lifespan) is stored on the customer’s device. When the customer buys any product within 30 days of clicking the link, the purchase will be credited to you.

Jumia has a minimum monthly payout amount of 5000 naira it pays its affiliates. Also, if an affiliate’s earnings sum up to the minimum payout amount in a month, Jumia pays him. But, if it’s below the minimum payout amount, Jumia will roll it over to the next month and pays the affiliate when his cumulative earnings sum up to the minimum payout.
Affiliates of Jumia attract customers’ attention by sharing their affiliate links using their social media accounts i.e Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Google+ and blog sites. The affiliate links are connected to the Jumia site:

How do I join Jumia Affiliate program?

To join the Jumia Affiliate Program, use the link, and follow the registration procedure. Jumia reviews all applications and admits successful ones into the program. If yours is accepted, they will contact you immediately with a confirmation e-mail.

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Apr 20, 2022 at 11:58 PM
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