How To Get Up To N10,000 Free Airtime (All Mobile Network) On Jiji App

May 21, 2022

Jiji is a popular online marketplace available in some countries in Africa (Nigeria inclusive) that provides buyers and sellers with an avenue to meet for the purpose of trading goods and services.

On the Jiji marketplace, you can easily place goods or services you render on sale for interested buyers to contact you while as a buyer, you can hop on the platform to check out likely goods or services that you would be interested in purchasing.

As a means of welcoming new members on board, Jiji offers N100 airtime signup bonus to new users of the app, and that is not just it, Jiji also gives room for existing users to accumulate unlimited free N100 airtime for each referred user on the platform.


Now let's get to see how to get this free airtime as a new and existing user of Jiji.


How To Get Free Airtime On Jiji App

1. Simply click here to download and install Jiji app:

2. Downloading the app via the link provided above will give you access to free N100 airtime as a registration bonus, now open the app and register via any option of your choice from the options that will be provided to you after opening the app (email or Facebook)
3. Once you are able to login to your account, check the bottom of the app home page and click on profile.

4. Now, click on your profile icon.

5. You will be redirected to another option menu, locate phone number settings and click on it.

6. You will see a box requesting for your phone number, enter your preferred phone number and confirm it. Note that this number is the number that all your airtime will be sent to, once you redeem it, so use your preferred phone number.

7. Once you have successfully confirmed the phone number, your Jiji account will be credited with N100 as a signup bonus.

Refer others to follow the same steps and accumulate more airtime.

It should be noted that the minimum airtime withdrawal on the app is N200.


Now to the bonus section of this guide: How to convert the accumulated airtime to cash.


After accumulating enough airtime for inviting others to download and signup on Jiji, you might want to convert this airtime to cash, and here is how to do that:

  1. 1. Head on to Google Playstore or App Store, search for Glover app. Download and have it installed on your device.

2. Sign up on the app, verify your account with a valid ID.

3. Then proceed to make your airtime to cash transaction on the app. NB: Glover would charge a percentage transaction fee for the transaction.


You might be wondering if this is legit or not, these are some proofs below:




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