How To Get Real Clients On Fiverr For Free As A New Seller (2021 Method)

August 27, 2021

1) Create a Fiverr account.
2) Login and switch to buyer
3) Search your niche/keyword that you intend to sell on Fiverr
4) Go to any Seller's profile with like 10+ reviews or more the better.
5) Copy all the buyer's usernames that posted the review to that seller's profile.
6) Go to google and search for the username. 

These are hot leads as they are active buyers. You can take it from here.

Bonus step: Have a website ready with real-looking testimonials and project/work display if the buyer asks for past experience.
All they care about is if you worked in the past or not.

You can do similar with Freelancer, Upwork, Seoclerks & More too.

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