How To Format You Android Direct

June 18, 2022

Account in the middle of screen

Step3: Switch on “Back up to Google Drive”

android phone backup

Part 3: How to Format Android Phone (Samsung/Huawei/LG included)?

Now you may wonder what is the best way to format Android . This is the most concerned thing after you fully prepared. Whether you need Android contacts file format or Samsung phone picture format, here are very detailed instructions to assist you rookie or tech-savy. From the simplest way to professional way, just following feasible ways to begin.

3.1 Normal Way to Format Android Phone (Factory Reset)

When your Android phone works fine, just put it factory reset. Factory reset means you’re going to reset phone to its original state exactly when you bought then. Do as steps showing below:

Step1: Find settings on the screen

Step2: Tap System (close to the bottom of settings interface)

Step3: Choose Reset > Factory Data Reset

Step4: Click Reset and enter PIN(used to unlock phone)

Step5: Click Erase Everything and wait for a while