How I Make Money Employing My Device(s) To Work For Me

November 22, 2021

I don't know if you have been surfing the net, watching videos on how to make money with your smartphone, asking Google how you can make money using your smart phone 😃 but to no avail, if that sounds like you, then read on..

That was what I was doing.
After my SS3, after writing my SSCE Exam.
When I was at home waiting for my admission into higher institution I was surfing the net, watching videos on how to make at least few bucks for myself using my phone. 

Well, I didn't really get anything but Got ideas of two businesses, that couldn't go off my mind which I highly recommend to every youngsters & college students, even stay at home Mom's, 9 to 5 workers and everyone.

I made my first online money directly into my bank account from the other business(my #1 business) But I'm not going to talk about that one now, since that's not why we are here, but I will notify us when a seminar will be fixed for it.

I must confess, that this platform OWOdaily have tried, it's a good place for anyone looking to make a little extra more online, combined with what he/she is already doing. And patience is required, as that is one major skill required in Business.

Ok, to be real quick, this is how I make a little extra money employing my device(s) to work for me.
It's Free!

Ok, this is an app, just like Google or other browsing apps you have on your phone.

I believe that almost everyone of us uses Google to browse.
Now do you get anything in return spending your data?? NO.

This app rewards you with bitcoins for using their app, 😃 well, not necessarily using it, I don't really use it to browse, I just activate it every 2 hours and leave it to mine for me.

An interesting thing about it is that you don't even need to use it to browse or do anything, but you can just be activating it and it will just be mining for you even with your data off.

You can also use it to browse if you wish and it mines more for you.
I tried it and it's quite fast.
There's also an option for you to merge it with your Google browser, so that whenever you're also browsing with your Google, it will be mining for you 😃.

  • Got a few testimonials to share by God's grace 😊
  • I sell to companies and also to people who buy, and making extra bucks  just by employing my device(s) to work for me.

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Please what is the name of the app?
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