Four (4) Lucrative Job That Can Fetch Millions After One(1)year Or Two (2)

March 15, 2021


January 28, 2021

hello everyone I want to enlighten us on four business that are easy and fetch much money but we get not to know much about them actually most of this business have to be learn to get more knowledge about how to go about 

Agriculture now a day fetch a lot of money but most of us take it to be a lay man job which is not so all the business we are going to talk about today are all under agriculture the business is listed below

1 snail rearing

This is the most interesting business among the four facts about snail farming in snail farm you can start with as little as 10 000 naira so far the space to rear them is available snail lay up to 400--430 eggs in a year and a Nigerian snail is appreciated it is the size of The snail that determine the price of the snail  for example you have for 400 snail to market and you sell one at the rate of 200 naira each at the end you have 80 000 naira for a snail egg what if you have a 100 of them To learn how to rear snail join poultry husbandry on Facebook

2 fishery

This the second most Lucrative business here actually it fetch money faster than snail farm but cost a lot to start theBusiness

To know More join poultry husbandry group and page on Facebook

3. Poultry farming

This is the Third most lucrative business it more like that of snail farm but the more poultry bird you rear the more profit you make

4 cassava farm

This the fourth one it is one of the business that fetch more money It is used a lot in producing differ kind of food depending on what you want 

To know more join poultry husbandry group and page on Facebook and get their WhatsApp number  thank you all for reading

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Thanks for the heads up. Really appreciate it.
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more than this
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What about palm oil?