Di’ja’s Single “Inyamuri” Generate Ethnic Reactions (Photos)

December 10, 2020

Released date: November 28, 2020 (YouTube)

Inyamuri: Typically how Northerners would refer to anyone of Igbo extraction.

Historically, it is pretty nasty and considered derogatory, considering how the name came to be.



“inyamuri” means igbo person in hausa language and there’s nothing like derogatory about it, in fact Don Jazzy is an igbo man and he knows better.


The word inyamuri came into existence during the civil war when badly starved igbo children would beg the Nigerian soldiers (mostly hausa)for water saying “Nye’m mmiri”. it was then used to refer to the ibos. INYAMURI has no igbo meaning, ABOKI literally means MY FRIEND in hausa.

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