Criticisms, Commendations Trail Uzodimma’s One Year In Office

January 16, 2021

As Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, marks one year in office today, Imo residents have given their verdicts with some commending him and others criticising his government.

Rating his performance in the last one year, some residents scored him low, while others urged Imo people to be patient with the governor, attributing his low performance to the COVID-19 pandemic, which, they said, affected the socio-economic and political spheres of the state.

Uzodimma assumed office on January 14, 2020, through a Supreme Court judgment, which pronounced him governor and sacked Emeka Ihedioha after seven months in office.

He (Uzodimma) was sworn in on January 15, 2020. Speaking in Hot FM’s People’s Assembly programme monitored by The Guardian in Owerri yesterday, Matthew Okorie, Kenkwo Kingsley Kesando, Awolowo Nkwodede, Vitalis Collins, Nokky Ebikam, Nwaeze, Duru Danniels, Venatius and Ogbonna Tochi, scored the governor low.

While Bright Agu, Opadec Chidozie Nwosu and an anonymous caller, pleaded for time and patience, saying if given enough time, the governor would perform better.

Okorie scored Governor Uzodimma 20 per cent, Kesando (25 per cent), Nkwodede (20 per cent), Ebikam (five per cent) and Tochukwu (five per cent).
Okorie said: “Umuguma has no road. We are suffering to access anywhere in the state. This is a road that cannot take more than three months to rehabilitate. I score the governor 20 per cent.”

Kesando noted: “Civil servants and teachers are suffering under him. Kidnapping is rising. A bishop was kidnapped recently. I think the governor should look inwards. I will not support any form of celebration for Uzodimma. Nobody should celebrate him. I give him 25 per cent.”

Nkwodede added: “It is unfortunate I am part of his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). 90 per cent of members of the party disappointed me in Imo. I give Uzodimma 20 per cent.”

But Nwosu argued that the governor has done his best in some areas and that there are some areas he has not gotten right. He has tried revolutionising agriculture sector. He revived Adapalm, recalled 400 workers and paid them five months salaries. But he should pay workers and pensioners promptly.

On his part, Agu urged Imo people to take it easy with the Uzodimma administration, as “a patient dog eats the fattest bone,” while an anonymous contributor said: “I believe the governor is taking his time. He was just starting when COVID-19 came.”

Jan 20, 2021 at 03:24 PM