Adulthood Is A Trap And Scam – Toke Makinwa Laments

February 19, 2021

The popular Nigerian radio personality, Toke Makinwa has described adulting to be a trap as well as a scam in a new episode of her vlog, Toke Moments.

According to her, she misses the days where all she had to think about is eat, sleep, drink, and play around.


Toke Makinwa, who recently revealed that she spends 20 minutes in front of the mirror admiring herself each morning before stepping out, even though she knows it’s vain added that she misses when she had to roam about from Sunday to Sunday and wouldn’t feel anything stating that at the moment if she goes out on a weekend, her whole week will be messed up.


‘’Adulting. Paying bills. Heartbreak


These are some of the things life never really prepares you for, there are no manuals, everyone at some point will be faced with the hard task of making decisions and that itself can be stressful AF. The Vlog of the week delves into those things you’re never really prepared for, it hits you and you roll with the punches and just hope for the best. Did I miss anything? Feel feee to add in the comment section. Watch full video on my YouTube page, link is in Bio. Pls subscribe too.”

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