A Girl Might End Up Liking You If She Asks These 3 Questions, Answer Nicely.

December 12, 2020

One of the best ways to know about somebody or the person's intention– is to ask some questions. So if you're showing an interest in a girl she might decide to ask any of the following questions.

(1). What are some qualities you love about girls? questions like this, two things involved. Maybe she's trying to know the type of girls you like, Or she wants to know some behaviors you expect to see in a girl. At that point, It's up to you to tell her some things in your opinion. But you can still let her know that “truth and honesty” are some of the most valuable qualities you like about girls.

 (2). Who do you want to be more like? I have come across questions like this before. If a girl just wants to know how futuristic you are, she might come up with questions like this. You can talk about your aims and what you intend to achieve in the next few years. That will be nice.

(3). Would you rather face your fears or forget that you have them? Here a girl it's not concern about your problems but she just wants to hear a response on how you can resolve conflicts in a relationship; so take note. However, the best way to handle a situation it's to attend to it.

Girls ask all sorts of questions but anyhow the question might be— be brief in your answer and try to make it clear, she will see how impressive you are. And just with time, her connection with you will be deeper.

Dec 13, 2020 at 07:26 AM

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