Start Selling On Market

Access thousands of affiliate marketers to promote your product to new consumers and enjoy the benefit of performance marketing. OwoDaily now offers your the oppurtunity to scale your business and worry only about creating your perfect product.

When you choose to list your product on Market, Our affiliates see your listed product, commission and get to work. We handle the marketing, while you handle it sales. Let's team up with you to find success in your internet business.

To become a seller you will need to go through our Business verification where you will submit your business and product details for approval.


Get Access To Africa's Biggest & Best Workforce






Focus On A Great Product, We'll Handle It's Sales

Our Affiliates only earn when you get a sale, Using performance marketing you get the very best high quality marketing tactics. Let's help you scale your business and get your products and services to customers around the world.

We will asssist you to set commissions and walk you through utilizing the power of thousands of digital marketers and also re-market your products to customers who purchased your products in-order to get return customers and increase sales

We handle affiliate managements and payouts, save time for yourself as we take away the burden of management as our team takes complete control for you and also offer support for both parties

Product Approval On OwoDaily Market

To List your product on Market, You are required to pay a one time product approval fee of ₦20,000. If you already have an account product approval fee is discounted to ₦10,000. To receive this discount contact your account manager

Need Help Listing Your Product?

We offer assistance anytime you need help or got stuck listing your product. No matter what step of the process you’re in, We offer personal support by an account manager immediately upon request.

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