Get Exclusive Rights

To Create Giftcards,Manage Giftcards, Distribute Giftcards In Your Community


Get A Partner License

Apply for Partnership with OwoDaily and get an exclusive license for Official Giftcard management and distribution in your approved area, OwoDaily giftcards can be used by members exclusively on OwoDaily.

With this license, you will be in charge of its distribution in your area. Partners are able to purchase giftcard credit at a discounted price which would be used when creating the physical copy for sales.

Basic Requirements for license approval include a registered business under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and a physical location for your business in your requested location. You will also need to purchase giftcard credits upon registration which will be loaded into your account upon approval.

Exclusive Location License

Operate exclusively in your prefferred approved location

Partner Benefits

Get Access to Private Offers & Training to grow business

Personal Account Manager

An accounnt manager to provide direct support to your at anytime

Sleek Partner Dashboard

Simple & easy to use dashboard when creating giftcards.

24/7 Server Uptime

Get 100% Server uptime to work at anytime, any day of the week.

Commission On Every Sale

Earn a 2% commission on every giftcard sold by your business

Partner With OwoDaily Today

This License Agreement is valid for two (2) years, after which the partner can extend for a longer period. This partnership agreement is a legal tender binding its two parties, at no point can it be forged, copied, or duplicated for an un-official reason as it could warrant termination. Partners can benefits passively when they choose to do business with us. To get started send an email to

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