Using OwoDaily As A Social Media Manager

OwoDaily as an open network allows members the opportunity of earning when working as a freelance Social Media Managers for Business and Brands, let me explain. The network can be used by social media managers to get micro-jobs done easier, faster and more efficiently so they can have time to get more clients for themselves to increase their monthly income. Here is an example of the benefits of using OwoDaily

Benefits Of A Social Media Manager (Using OwoDaily)

  • A Social Media Manager using OwoDaily can guarantee your clients increase in followers and engagement on their brand page from the very first day working with them using their OwoDaily account. Simply by posting jobs which would be carried out correctly by members of the platform. These jobs can vary but for media managers it usually would be to follow, like, comment, tweet, share, re-post or engage a particular brand. Which starts in minutes after approved. 
  • Social Media Manager's can easily get engagement done daily without worrying about ads approved or expensive (without guarantees). This means if you want 100 comment or re-posts or more. It can achieved by simply posting it as a job and watch it carried our by members in a minutes.  
  • All Engagements on OwoDaily is Real. Real Engagement from Real People everyday, Social Media Manager's and Clients will not need to worry about bots as the request is carried about by a Targeted and Rich Audience 
  • Jobs posted on OwoDaily is Cheaper and Easier to Manage than any other platform. You don't need to be a Professional at Advertising on Social Media to use it. All you need to do is give accurate instructions and Post it as a Job. Leave the rest to be done accurately by other Members. 
  • Less Time Working More time to get more clients. Usually S.M Manager's will need to create content, post and then setup ads for each campaigns. Most times ads done guarantee likes, comments or follows (mostly brand awareness) but now you can comfortable tell clients at least 50/100/200 comments per post and not worry about not delivering (meaning you get the ability to charge more)  for such targets. 
  • Ability to earn using the as an affiliate with your lifetime Membership, When you refer a verified member (business) you earn an instant commission and also 3% commission on their first deposit.

With OwoDaily Social Media Managers are able to manage more clients than they would normally at a monthly-charge (salary) for social media management. This can lead to a full time income while working from home. OwoDaily isn't limited to Social Media Managers only as lots of digital marketers are able to use it for performance campaigns and much more by simply posting a job which members would do for a commission.