Listing Your Deal on the Marketplace

To list a deal on the marketplace you'll need to fill and submit a partner application form. When approved you get access to a new seller dashboard where you can view

  • Your Balance
  • Total Deals Sales
  • Reviews, Reports & More


Click on the Post New Deal on the top right of the menu and fill your deal details. 



Submit deal details correctly for listings. All deals are checked for quality. Please ensure your the following are of good quality e.g

  • Deal Quality: All deals are checked and confirmed for quality. Please ensure to submit only the best deals for customers and affiliates. 
    PS: All physical product offers will have to be submitted for quality control. 
  • Featured Image & Deal Banner Image: These images will need to be of best quality to be listed, ensure its designed with the aid of a graphic designer and copyrighter to improve sales conversion
  • Deal Explainer Video: An explainer video to explain your deals can be of great aid to customers. If possible ensure a video is made for this purpose (Optional)
  • Affiliate Commission: Commissions usually influence affiliate choice during promotion so be advised to set the best offer for your deal (Optional)