Micro-Influencers For Youtube Campaigns

Here are the two options you can use to post Youtube performance campaigns accurately on Owodaily. I will explain the step by step procedure to post the job easily.


Option 1

Login to your account and click on post Job

Select the category 

Note: Always ensure you post in the correct category to avoid your job being rejected and I will advise you do not send users directly to your channel to perform only one action and leave. This is seen as bot-like behavior and Youtube can remove a large portion of users’ subscriptions for a non-human-like behavior. 

Proceed to select the number of workers you need to get the job done for and the amount you wish to pay them. See the image below for more details.

The next step is to write the job title and job description. This is the main part, so I would suggest you follow the steps as seen below.

Instead of posting your direct link to a video, just post Youtube link as seen in the above image, so once users click start job it will direct them to Youtube and they will be able to search for the name mentioned in the description.






NOTE: Always ensure your job title are brief and make sure you list what you need as seen in the image above and always add an image of your channel which is very important. Also ensure you explain the job description in details as seen above in order to make it look organic and won't look like a bot job.


Request the proof you need

Note: You can request screenshot for jobs above N15 only and click on submit job. That's all you need to make your Youtube traffic fast and easy with Owodaily.