Invite Member Rewards On OwoDaily

Being a Performance/Affiliate Network with the sole aim of creating legitimate earning opportunities for individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses using the network. We allow members to earn a commission when you invite a new member to join the OwoDaily Network, this feature could boost your earnings if done properly. Here are some tips to consider when inviting new members on OwoDaily. 

  • Be Genuine and honest with your referrals, tell them what they have to gain and the huge potential network the network offers them.
  • Your family and friends may not be your target audience; as much as it is a great idea to tell everyone about the marketing network, don’t be discouraged when they don’t show interest because they usually are not your customers.
  • Identify your target audience and educate them on the network usefulness and impact it could have on their business. When you grow their interest organically and build an understanding with each other with the same goals. It makes any offer covert better

As a member on the Owodaily Network, For every new sign up that becomes a member using your personal invite link:

  • You get a commission of ₦1,600 and a bonus commission of ₦200 when new members sign up under your referrals.
  • You earn ₦3,000 in commission if member signs up directly for OwoDaily+
  • You also get a 3% Workers Bonus for life for users you invited into the network who complete jobs successfully and 3% bonus of your referral first deposit.

Be sure follow our guidelines when promoting offers to ensure your promotional methods is not considered fraudulent with a negative feedback.