How Cashback Offers Work

Cashback offers bring in new customers. The discounts and incentives drive conversions, while word-of-mouth marketing provides exponential reach. Members are motivated to share relevant cashback deals that save their friends money. Loyalty increases as customers feel engaged and rewarded by earning cashback from brands they love. You gain insights into your new customers from the submissions.

Compared to traditional advertising, our performance-based model means lower customer acquisition costs and higher ROI. You pay solely for confirmed new sales, saving on wasted ad spend. We handle the entire cashback system so you can focus entirely on fulfilling orders and delighting customers. Our expertise and micro-influencer network do the heavy lifting to grow your business.


Cashback gives buyers incentives to convert while our micro-influencers create exponential word-of-mouth reach to grow your audience.


Tactical cashback offers align with your goals to increase average order value and overall revenue. Discounts attract new sales you may have missed.


Customers feel engaged with brands they love when they can earn cashback rewards from repeat purchases. This drives retention.


You only pay us commissions on confirmed new sales driven by the offer. Compared to traditional advertising, the ROI and customer acquisition costs are improved.


Cashback submissions provide valuable data on who your top buyers are, what they purchase, and trends. Useful for marketing optimization.


We handle the entire cashback system seamlessly. You just fulfill orders, register new customers and submit to them cashback code after sale is complete


OwoDaily makes it easy for brands to acquire customers, drive sales, gain data, and build loyalty through strategic cashback offers promoted by our vetted network of micro-influencers. Our performance-based pricing means you only pay when we generate new sales.

First, you strategize with our team to create cashback offers tailored for your business and goals. Select the cashback percentage and requirements you wish to offer customers.

Next, we market these cashback deals through our platform and extensive micro-influencer network who share relevant offers they feel their audiences will appreciate.

When new customers see the offer, make a qualified purchase from your brand, and submit their receipt, they earn the cashback rewards. For each new customer that completes a purchase via the cashback deal, you pay OwoDaily a small commission. So costs scale directly alongside new sales.

We handle the entire process seamlessly: the tracking, receipt verification, cashback payouts to customers, and support. You simply fulfill the order.

Be Part of OwoDaily's Cashback Revolution

For businesses eager to accelerate growth, OwoDaily's innovative cashback solution delivers. Let us strategize on an optimal cashback offer for your brand today! The process is fast, risk-free, and guided by a dedicated support team. You have zero downside and only revenue to gain. The potential is limitless with cashback - make it happen today with OwoDaily!

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